Here you can find all the pieces of my simracing cockpit

Over the time, lot of people asked me about the gear I use in sim, so finally you can see it in a list. All the components I have installed actually in my cockpit, with info and a link to check it out!

Zalem V27

To raise SimRacing to a professional level, you will need a cockpit that doesn’t flex, sturdy enough to keep up with braking and Force FeedBack. Its really worth it, not only to be fast in a hotlap, but to maintain a constant and a clean rhythm, being comfy and with a good immersion.

3x BenQ GW2760HS

Slim and Beautiful screens with More to Please the Eye. A slim bezel design not only saves space but also enables a nearly seamless view in multi-display configurations, optimizing productivity, efficiency and visual comfort for work and play. Perfect for my simracing cockpit.

7″ LCD screen

In many cases, with 3 screens and a realistic FOV, we cant see the virtual car’s dashboard. With this 7″ screen I can put a virtual dashboard or telemetry info without a problem. Using it with Z1 dashboard or Joel Real Timing (JRT) to keep track of the important things while racing.

Sparco R100

The sparco R100 seat is not homologated for street use, so its perfect for my SimRacing cockpit, comfortable with a good racing design. You will save back aches from the office chair and its perfect for long distance races, also its reclining so perfect for rest or work.

Thrustmaster T500Rs

Thrustmaster has drawn from more than 20 years of expertise in racing wheels, with a single goal: to develop a wheel and pedal set that allows users to go as far as possible in the SimRacing experience, and the Thrusmtaster T500 Racing Wheel was born.

Logitech G27 Pedals

The Logitech G27 pedals are the most versatile on the market and the ones with most 3rd party mods. In my case I run this pedals inverted in my simracing cockpit, with the Nixim mod and the Leo Bodnar cable with 1024 steps.

Shifter SHH

The first 3D printed SimRacing shifter, designed by Aritz. A great and affordable shifter that puts itself between the G29 and the TH8A, with a better switching mode method and customization options (such as your own logo on it). If you are trying to find a non expensive and polivalent shifter, SHH is the deal. I was a bit skeptical with the 3D printing tech but I am surprised by its performance and durability. 100% Recommended!

HE Sim Shifter Sequential

The Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential is a durable and compact sequential shifter system. Using a ball spring resistance system, shifting requires an early peak force after which resistance drops just as in real cars. The shifter comes with various lengths of shifter levers as well as shifter knobs, allowing for maximum adjustability. I think It’s the best sequential shifter on the market right now.

Driving Throne HandBrake

The Driving Throne handbrake is literally a real car one adapted to SimRacing, with a firm feeling and plenty of travel. It features a switch and a spring system in the master cylinder that makes it return to initial position. A recommended handbrake for the looks and the price. On the downside doesnt have analog axis and no USB controller included, but in my case I connected it to my T500RS paddle cables.